We engineer really cool stuff!

We seamlessly integrate Hardware, Software and User Experience to create the technology that powers the most amazing products.

The perspectiv29 difference

A new multi-discipline and fully integrated way of designing and engineering the most amazing products and systems.

We integrate our 3 areas of expertise together to create phenomenal products, a first in the industry. By thinking about all aspects of a product's design from the start, we can create completely new types of integrated experiences.

We specialize in the following services:

System Engineering

User Experience Design

Software Development

We are R&D fanatics

We just can't help it, we love creating new and better things.

Our dedicated team of experts will assist you every step of the way and help you to create the most innovative product.

We thrive on solving complex problems for breakfast! With us, you can rest assured that your problem will be no more in no time at all.

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System Engineering

We can design anything and integrate with anything.

Hardware Engineering

Need help designing a new product to go with an App or an existing product like a GPS equipped accessory?

From the custom design stage to the fabrication stage, we take care of it all for you! 

System Integration

Creating Apps to integrate with existing systems can be a very valuable addition to a product, like an App to control the cabin systems on an aircraft for example.

Our team of expert engineers can help integrate products or systems together.

Testing & validation

Properly testing any new product is the key to a sucessful product launch.

We can create test plans for all kinds of components and scenarios for you, if there is a flaw, we will find it. We can also assist you through any validation process.

User Experience Design

We are User Experience experts, we make stuff easy to use.

User Exprience Design

User Experience is the key to a really user friendly product that feels natural to the user.

We are experts at this and we use advanced design tool to ensure your customers only get the best experience possible.

Prototypes and proofs of concept

Prototyping is a great way to try out new ideas quickly to figure out what works and what doesn't.

Our team can create extremely realistic Apps or products prototypes to test ideas quickly.

User Experience Research

We study human factors and how people interact with things; the goal is to find out what is the best and most natural way for someone to interact with a system or device.

We can field test various version of your product for you.

Software Development

We can developp Apps for anything from cabin controls to rocket ships.

User Interface Design

We can design custom user interfaces to delight your customers.

Our team of expert designers and human factors specialists will help you to create something amazing.

App/Software Development

We can develop multi-plaform Apps for iOS and Android and multi-format Apps that work on smartphones, computers and tablets alike.

Our team will assist you in choosing the right platform for your project.

Ongoing support

Once your App or product is available for sale, we can take care of maintaining your App and adding new features if you so desire.

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